The original main hall was built in 1926 and has served the village well for the last 95 years.
Charitable status was adopted early on in its existence and the initial Constitution included, on the management committee, representatives from well-known local families the Wyatts, Vowles, Bulls, Yorks, Foxes and Wedlakes. Names very familiar across the Chew Valley. Affiliated members included the then Rector, the Reverend Arthur Hobbs.
In the original constitution the use of the property stated that the hall should be used for the most worthy aims “physical and mental training and recreational, social, moral and intellectual development, through the medium of reading and recreation rooms, a library, lectures, classes, recreation and entertainment”. We can’t quite stretch to those lofty heights today but we do include Art, Crafts, Dance, Drama, Pilates and Table Tennis in our regular activities and, of course, accept bookings for social events and celebrations.
Whist times have changed, the present hall committee has been careful to abide by the aims and spirit of the original constitution and the hall still retains its focal point as an important part of the fabric of the village.